Gain confidence

by learning how to build and plan purposeful workshops

Workshop planning can be grueling, especially when you're not confident in your approach. Overcome doubt and emerge an effective workshop planner and facilitator. In this one-week course, you will move from disliking agenda planning and feeling disjointed in your facilitation plan to confidently building a workshop strategy.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Design Your Facilitation Strategy

    2. A message from the instructors

    3. Getting started in MURAL

    4. Practice and say hello!

    5. See you on October 24th!

    1. Lesson Objectives

    2. What makes facilitation good (or bad)

    3. XPLANE's core principles

    4. Preparation is the key to success

    5. Identify your scenario

    6. Reflection: Successful facilitation lies in the planning

    1. Lesson Objective

    2. Reflection: Purpose and People

    1. Lesson Objective

    2. Where we've been so far

    3. Altitude Map

    4. Design Approach: Double-sided Pencil

    5. Design Approach: Building Blocks

    6. Design Approach: Building Block Scenarios

    7. Assignment: Outline your agenda

    8. Reflection: Workshop building blocks

    1. Lesson Objectives

    2. Reflection: Assembling the session plan

    1. Lesson Objectives

    2. Welcome to Week 3

    3. Validate your Plan

    4. Heuristics Checklist

    5. Run of Show

    6. Assignment

About this course

  • $695.00
  • 1 week
  • 3 live sessions

What you get

  • Planning template

    A workshop planning template with building blocks you can use and reuse to plan future agendas

  • Personalized agenda

    A personalized agenda and workshop plan for a large, high-risk, and/or distributed effort

  • Run of Show

    A personalized run of show to ensure smooth delivery

Meet your Instructors

Malarie Juricev

Director of Consulting

As Director of Consulting at XPLANE, Malarie leverages her 20+ years of expert facilitation experience to design and lead discovery workshops for our clients. Malarie is passionate about modeling and sharing the power of effective facilitation, which she sees as a balance of preparation and agility. She champions a digital-first mindset and the power of virtual collaboration technology as a way to create a truly inclusive environment for all participants.

Marvin Gaviola

Associate Creative Director

Marvin is a world-class visual thinker with over 10 years of experience honing his facilitation, design, and system thinking chops as part of the XPLANE team. Marvin has facilitated numerous process-improvement workshops, design thinking discussions, and visual thinking courses. In addition, he has co-facilitated strategy and vision workshops for over 10 years. Human centered design, co-creation, and visual thinking are core to his facilitation philosophy: Engage, Visualize, Communicate, Understand, and Delight. Through exceptional facilitation, Marvin brings people along a journey of discovery and insights.

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