Overwhelmed no more

Build functional, efficient virtual workspaces that engage teams

The remote-hybrid world has given way to new ways of working—we're no longer bound to a physical workspace. We can collaborate with anyone from anywhere using virtual conferencing, messaging apps, and the digital whiteboard. In this one-week course, you will move from feeling overwhelmed by a blank workshop canvas to confidently applying simple design principles to create adaptable boards for effective and engaging group collaboration.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Beyond the Board

    2. Getting started in MURAL

    3. Practice and say hello!

    4. See you on June 7th!

    1. Lesson Objectives

    2. Designing good whiteboards is worth the time and effort

    3. Design principles can make our job easier

    4. Critical elements of an effective board

    5. What good (and bad) looks like

    6. Assignment: Gather your agenda

    7. Presentation Slides

    8. Reflection: Using design principles to sort through the clutter

    1. Live Session 1: Make the virtual or hybrid experience more human

    2. Live Session Recording

    3. Experience Map Demo (This video was moved up from day 02 to demo the homework)

    4. Live Session Presentation Slides

    5. Reflection: Make the virtual or hybrid experience more human

    1. Lesson Objectives

    2. Welcome Back!

    3. Examine the experience for your audience

    4. Understand the layers and parts to build a foundation that scales

    5. Assignment: Deconstruct a board

    6. Reflection: Build a foundation for smart design

    7. Presentation Slides

    1. Lesson objectives

    2. Deconstruct a MURAL Board Demo

    3. Day 2 Live Session

    4. Live Session Presentation Slides

    5. Reflection: Lo-fi prototyping with concepts and wireframes

    1. Lesson Objectives

    2. Bring it all together!

    3. Assignment: Polish your board and get ready to share

    4. Accessibility & Usability

    5. Optimize for adaptability and create your content library

    6. Reflection: Test the prototype & refine

    7. Presentation Slides

About this course

  • $695.00
  • 1 week
  • 3 live sessions

What you'll leave with

  • Activity Template

    A planning activity template to think through the experience of a board

  • Personalized Board

    A personalized digital board you can use immediately

  • Template Library

    Access to a growing library of templates created by your class cohort and future course cohorts

Meet your instructor

Nancy Sewell

Senior Program Manager

Nancy leads XPLANE's product development branch, creating new products, tools, and learning opportunities. She co-delivers engaging in-person and remote client experiences from immersive installations, to training, and offsites. Long before remote working became a necessity, Nancy was ramping up XPLANE's tools and best practices for remote facilitation—she is XPLANE's go-to resource for translating complex in-person collaboration and games to the digital space.

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